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<< Indra's vajra seems to be called "ashmaan", which is a stone or possibly
a  precious stone? (diamond)? >>

Quite right ! ashman-  nt. is all that together and more. It also means
"vajra-" in a number of contexts. It also refers to the upper stone of a
mill, smaller but harder than the lower one which remains motionless.
Etymologically, there is a possibility IMO of a relation to Engl. "ash",
Germ. "Asche" which are "small stones, dust", produced by combustion like in
volcanoes. Don't forget that "diamond" is nothing else as "carbon" !
Something else :
I have also a lot of questions to put about Tamil but I prefer not to
interfere ! Up to now I had always thought that is was a very appealing
language with a brilliant literature but of a quite different origin. It
comes from the South (Gondwana ? Cf. analogies with Malgache in Madagascar)
whereas Skt. comes from the North-West.

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