Klostermaier's Vedic civilization

Artur Karp karp at MERCURY.CI.UW.EDU.PL
Mon Oct 30 13:19:04 UTC 2000

 >Questioning the Aryan Invasion Theory and Revising Ancient Indian History
 >By Klaus Klostermaier

Those who could not get through to ISKCON Web page to read K. Klostermaier's
paper on Questioning the Aryan Invasion Theory (I tried two times, in vain),
may find the same article in printed form in ISKCON Communication Journal,
Vol. 6, No.1-June 1998, pp. 5-16. The paper  is "a slightly revised version
of a seminar presentation at the School of African and Oriental Studies
(SOAS), University of London on 21, January 1998".

Pity, but there is no reflex whatsoever of the discussion that must have
taken place after the presentation.

According to the Journal, Prof. Klostermaier was going then to take up the
posts of Director of Academic Affairs and Senior Fellow at the Oxford Centre
for Vaishnava Studies, in Oxford, England.

With regards,

Artur Karp
University of Warsaw

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