India's Greatness

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Sat Oct 28 13:59:25 UTC 2000

In answer to Bijoy Misra’s statement, “Can we give the country (India) some
credit that is due”. I find that perhaps one needs to start with  Bhadraiah
Mallampalli statement, “that the gut is where the Vedic somA is located”.
> From this, I offer the following view.

I see the unique power of somA manifested with the works coming out of early
India (via Indra’s net?) such as: 1) teaching of the fundamental metrology
units of physics, the mahabhutas; 2) introducing the control elements of the
mind and body, tattvas; 3) describing the basic elements of philosophy: of
nothingness, the primordial element, the manifesting of the sun and moon or
Law and matter, the union of the sun and moon for creation or manifesting;
4) describing the fundamental elements of religious experience: creative
energy, gnosis, heaven, spirit, soul, physical self  and enlightened self;
5) a system for the development of the body and mind to fully experience the
ecstasy of life or heaven on earth.

Modern social graces suppress the production of somA. Modern materialism
denies somA. Institutions suppress individual creativity and power. The
manifesting of somA, however, is still evidenced in the modern world in such
situations as meeting trauma, extreme demands, needs or in intense searching
or service. The physical generation of somA is as written with inner gut
tension, pounding, pressing, churning and filtering. The measurable
physiological changes in the body are in agreement with early descriptions.

I apologize for the brevity and lack of available supportive details, but do
wish to share my intense interest in India and what I believe to be its
generally suppressed or unrecognized unique contributions to the world with
fellow admirers on this site.

Thank you all,
Bob Peck
rpeck at

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