Dravidian sub-stratum in Afghanistan

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Fri Oct 27 14:28:48 UTC 2000

While visiting Ajanthaa caves in late 1998,I heard an Indian guide telling
high school student visitors that Lord Raama came from Afghanistan through
Khyber pass to India sitting on a horse while Buddha was born in India. The
statement startled me.But then, Dr. Kochhar(Vedic People-p.94) connected
the river Haroyu of Afghanistan to the river Sarayu associted with Vedic
river name.To the best of my knowledge, in the interview of Dr. Kochhar
published in Illustrated Weekly of India(about 12 yrs ago),Raama and his
capital city Ayodhyaa was said to be located in the land of the ancient
Afghanistan (Please correct me if I were wrong). Sometime ago, Raama's
dynasty name Ikshwaaku was traced to the earlier Dravidian form.Dr. Kochhar
connects at least some part of RV composition to the land of Afghanistan.
Prof.Witzel tells us about 300 non-Indo-Aryan words(4%) in RV.Here is the
question-Does the Dravidian, or Munda/Para-Munda sub-stratum extend well
into Afghanistan from the side of Pakistan? Yes or no? Any evidence for or
against? If we discover such ancient non-Indo-Aryan sub-stratum in
Afghanistan, would not be then interesting to find out the number of non-
Indo-Aryan words out of 300 from Afghanistan sub-stratum? For this reason,
I asked the question in my posting some time ago about the eaelier vesions
of the names Baloch and Brahui?

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