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Dear Dominik, 

Shortly, in the near future, we are going to launch a new series called: India's Scientific Heritage, General Editor, Dr L M Singhvi. While the series will begin with lot of volumes on Vedic & Jain Mathematics, but in addition, we'd like to cover all subjects on Indian Sciences. Recently, when I read thru your list I found many scholars have commented on "Sciences" in India. I'd like your group covering your lists to benefit from our forthcoming series. I am sure these scholars would be interested in publishing their future manuscripts with us if they have anything ready in these areas. If you announce our forthcoming series to all your members, I am sure, they would be pleased to get this important information. 

Moreover, in the last 2 years we have organised nearly 25 Workshops on Vedic & Jain Mathematics across the country virtually free of cost for the benefit of spreading the message that when Vedic Maths happens to be in the school curriculum in England, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA & Singapore, then, why can't it get into the curriculum of its home country where it originated. The demand for more workshops is slowly, but steadily growing in India & so we are quite positive that the forum still to be formulated soon in Nagpur & Delhi is likely to create forceful waves in the country. Dr L M Singhvi will lead this forum: International Research & Resource Foundation for Indian Heritage incorporating World Academy for Vedic 

Warmest personal regards 

R  P  Jain 

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