Asokan stupa in Orissa

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Thu Oct 26 04:47:44 UTC 2000

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Jonathan Silk wrote:
> The Motilal (MLBD) newletter ... refers to the discovery of an Asokan
> Stupa in Orissa (Langudi hill, near Dharmasala in Jaipur district) ...
> Is there any further news on this discovery?

Extracts of a relevant article which once upon a time existed at
are below (copyright rules forbid the posting of full news articles).
The full article may be found at -

 Asian Age May 27, 2000
 `Stupa of Asokan era discovered' By Our Correspondent
 Jajpur, May 27

           The Orissa Institute of Maritime and South East Asian
           Studies has recently discovered a famous stupa of the
           Asokan era on top of a hill near Jarka. The stupa on
           top of the Languri hill has an inscription written in
           Prakrit language. The hill finds mention in famous
           Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang?s account as Pushpagiri

           However, the Languri hill stupa has an inscription
           which carries the name of the emperor in Prakrit as
           ?ami upasaka samchiamana agra eka thupe.? The
           Asokan inscriptions throughout the country were
           written using the Brahmi script except in the
           north-west parts where Kharosthi script was used.

           ... Before this stupa, Asokan stupas were
           discovered at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, Sanchi in Madhya
           Pradesh and Sravasti in Uttar Pradesh.

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