Rajaram Episode

Kumar Kumarappan kkumar80 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 26 06:51:22 UTC 2000

I am one of those recent ‘lurkers’ around here. I do so in the hope that I
can learn a thing or two. Occasionally, like now, I feel the urge  to throw
in my two cents worth.

I am amazed and bewildered to see how the ‘Rajaram Episode’ thread has taken
different incarnations and evolved. The core issue is the falsification of
available evidence by an Indian author on a sensitive topic. This is plain
fraudulent. By any standards this is unacceptable and should be condemned
with no uncertain terms, for what it is. Instead this has been turned around
into a Indian Vs. Western contest, with a lot of dirt thrown to vilify the
individuals who exposed the duplicity. The sheer numbers and the accusing
tones of (the supposedly) ‘pro-Indian’ posters, attempts to intimidate other
Indians who may want to post a disagreeing note. I just wanted to step up
and be counted as one who condemns this ‘horse seal enhancement’ episode

Integrity and truth does matter and one need not be apologetic about it.
Integrity and truth does transcend national boundaries for reasonable


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