Dravidian/Semitic Invasion of India

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Wed Oct 25 15:41:01 UTC 2000

In this year, on Oct.27, 2000, Hindus will celebrate their second New Year
day when both Sun and Moon are in the sign Libra(Balance) according to
Saayana calculations in Luni-solar calendar of the Ancient India.This is
the fiscal New Year day of India when the business people balance their
account books under the sign Libra.The first March New Yr day is celebrated
with Sun and Moon in the first sign of Aries.The ancient Jews used to have
two new year days-first in March and second on Rosh Hashanah(Aashwina
Shuddha Pratipadaa or Kaartika Shuddha Pratipadaa-difference of one month
due to different methods of adding extra month).The ancient Jewish rituals
refer to citrus fruits from India. Jews eat bitter leaves on Rosh Hashanah
and Hindus on March New Yr day.Then there are similarities in Arab Ashura,
Jewish Yom Kippur and Hindu Dasaraa(Vijayaadashamii). All these facts might
support the theory of Dravidian cum Semitic Invasion of India prior toAryan
Invasion. To the best of my knowledge,Luni-solar calendar of the ancient
India cannot be traced to Indo-Europeans because they (Iran andAfghanistan)
have full Solar calendar with Vernal Equinox (21st March)as New year day.
Even Europe used to celebrate March New Year day (up to 18th century)as can
be seen from month names-Sept7,Oct8,Nov9,Dec10,Jan11 and Feb.12 leading to
March as the first month.Happy fiscal New Year day to all including Uncle
Sam(the budget got balanced)!

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