Steve Farmer

Kumar kumar at OSWEGO.EDU
Wed Oct 25 18:01:06 UTC 2000

Dear Steve Farmer:
We had a few exchanges on the Indology list last week.  I withdrew from
the discussion in the hope that such action will improve the quality of
discussion on the issues of indology and science education in India.
However, it has not happened this way and the quality of discussion has
continually deteriorated.  My discussion with you was based on the
quality of your argument and was not against you or any other person.

After knowing your arguments, I decided to improve my understanding of
your work by reading your articles and knowing your background.
However, so far my on-line searches have failed.  I have not been able
to find your published work related to indology or science education in
India.  I have not been able to know much about your background either
(quite relevant to Indology list). As some people have questioned your
qualifications to deal with the issues of science education in India
and/or indology, for all fairness to you, it would be best to set the
record straight about your academic background and achievements. May I
ask you to share information about your academic training, the jobs that
you have held in the past, and a list of relevant publications? This
will help the members of both lists as they view your postings
frequently. Thank you,

Alok Kumar

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