Porcupines in India (was Re: Whines in India)

Narayan Sriranga Raja missing_link_found at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 24 22:07:35 UTC 2000

Michael Witzel wrote:

>(Raja wrote):
> >A total of 39 Science/Technology Institutes...
> >... eight (the largest number from any single country) are from India.
> >Five of the top eight schools are from India.
> >Even Japan .... has only five schools ....
>So sorry, fuzzy math!

Hmmm...?  What math?  I merely
pointed out that according to a
neutral third party, Engineering
education in India can actually be
very good.  That was all!

>If Japan had the population of India, it should have/would need 8 times as
>many top institutions, thus c. 40  ....

Dear Michael, they just picked
39 of the top institutions in Asia.
That was not a list of all Engineering
schools in Asia, only the top ones.
Read what you wrote.  Do you truly believe
that if Japan had the population of India,
it should have 40 of the top 39 institutions?
Isn't that taking Bonsai a bit too far?    :-)

>India has five schools and should have, in comparison to Japan's
>population, c. 40 !

I really fail to understand what you're
getting at here.  I pointed out that
"5 of the top 8 schools are from India".
Do you really claim that 40 of the top 8
schools ought to be from India?   :-)


True... but was it wise?


Narayan Sriranga Raja.

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