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William Smith William.Smith at ORIENT.SU.SE
Mon Oct 23 10:00:20 UTC 2000

>I am seeking the address of a scholar in India:


>Prof. Prafulla Misra at Utkal University in Orissa.


>I should like to have the snail mail address and fax, if possible.


>Many thanks in advance.


>Ken Zysk


>Kenneth Zysk

>Department of Asian Studies

>University of Copenhagen                Ph:  +45 3532 8832

His address is:

K. Mishra

Utkal University

Vani Vihar Bhubaneswar


mprafulla at</bigger></color></fontfamily>

W:L: Smith

University of Stockholm

>Leifsgade 33,5                          Fax: +45 3532 8835

>DK-2300 Copenhagen S    Denmark         Email: zysk at


>If mail address fails use: zysk at
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