"Science" in India

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Mon Oct 23 03:32:48 UTC 2000

On Sun, 22 Oct 2000 23:28:32 +0100, V.C.Vijayaraghavan <vijay at VOSSNET.CO.UK>

>Even Frontline and it's group have been called Brahminical fascists by a
>number of dravidian poltical groups for their one-sided coverage of the
>civil war in Srilanka where it reports the Srilankan government viewpoint
>only and the Tamil political forces are labelled "terrorists". Recetly the
>same magazine has also been called fascist for it's carte-blache to Chinese
>government for the extermination of Tibetan culture and ethnic cleansing of
>Tibetans. If you ask Tibetans and a number of Tamils, they might call your
>friends fascists

I am glad that the double standards of 'The Hindu' group has been aired for
the benefit of Indologists. The Hindu group was partially responsible for
the Rajaram phenomenon to begin with by publishing his 'pet theories' and
giving it, its stamp of approval. Now a sister publication, the Frontline
which is nothing but a personal fiefdom of its communist (yes he is a card
carrying member of an Indian Communist party) editor Mr. N. Ram (and a
member of a VERY wealthy Madrasi family which owns The Hindu group of
publications) has published a scathing attack on Rajaram thanks to Dr.
Witzell and Dr. Steve Farmer. Unfortunately the fact that the article was
published in the Frontline magazine makes the whole episode suspect to the
English media reading middle class Indian public. It is because of
Frontline's very partisan attitude towards the Tibetan freedom struggle,
national question in Sri Lanka and the ruling BJP party.  It is similar to
cynicism an average American might feel for the New York Times endorsement
Mrs. Hilary Clinton or anything 'New York' in general and New York Times
particularly. Sorry for the digression, I will keep to a barest minimum:-)


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