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marina orelskaya m_orelskaya at YAHOO.COM
Mon Oct 23 06:45:43 UTC 2000

Isn't it understood that being an indologist implies
years and years of professional training (including
linguistic). Indology is no less a profession that
engineering. Reading tons of medical books does not
make a doctor, so how can anyone without a proper
education refer to himself as an indologist?
For indologist, being an Indian or living in India
could be considered as an additional qualification :)
It is really sad to observe that a list meant for
indological discussions is becoming a battlefield for
some irrelevant issues.
Perhaps, the list itself needs a more strict
moderator. From another said, IMHO if we avoid
answering to extraneous and provocative messages and
concentrate on issues of our profession, it would
discourage "indologists" from posting.
             Best regards,
                   Marina Orelskaya

Dr Marina Orelskaya
c/o Department of Sanskrit
and Prakrit Languages,
University of Pune,
Pune 411007

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