Appeal to Techies!

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 22 02:40:08 UTC 2000

Dear list members

The word Indology looks like a generic word, but this specific list has a
linguistic orientation.  Research and documentation of Indological works is
its main strength. Please do not expect this list to solve world hunger.

Those who are technically oriented (there are many, and the numbers are
going to multiply in coming years), and like to participate in research
ventures not covered by this or any other lists may please contact me with
their ideas. I have projects for those who want to take up independently.
Hopefully we can work out something good. I call it "Applied Indology".

I am not going to be organizing anything, what you do is entirely your
responsibility and your property and you publish on your own web site. There
is no limit to what you can claim, as long as you justify with results.
There will be no affiliation to any organization. We may start with some
egroup if necessary. Hopefully this will turn the creative energy into
meaninful work. Please check my site for clues.

In general, there are many areas of Indology that need practical efforts
from scientific and mathematical community. For example, one such area is to
proactively speculate and understand Vedas, Avesta,  Tamil or other mantras,
not just in terms of checking grammar or dictionary, but in terms of their
actual meaning, and to speculate on the possibility if new scriptures can be
realized in future.

I am signing off Indology as I have tons of work to do. Thanks to the list
for their dedication to Indology. Let us not think whether our work is
appreciated today or not. Let us think of decades or centuries ahead. Some
one will thank us for our work.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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