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Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at GMX.LI
Fri Oct 20 23:41:28 UTC 2000

As an addendum to what Lars Martin Fosse has already written:

Am 19 Oct schrieb NAYAK Anand:
> The sudden flooding of Indian
> engineers (or is it the sudde opening in the Western marketting needs ?)
> created a lot of ill feelings. In Germany there is a slogan running now
> Kinder, nicht Inder (More children please, not Indians). I guess these
> the initial reactions of fear. The substantial esteem will follow I

It was already there. There is a new political slogan in response to the
earlier right-wing slogan (which, by the way, was already severely
disliked also by fellow party-members of the politician who coined the
earlier one): "lieber Fachmänner als Flachmänner" ("experts are
preferable, rather than shallow guys").

That earlier slogan was indeed a knee-jerk right-wing populist reaction
of the political opposition to the present German government's offer of
many thousands of residential and work permits specifically for IT
experts. We must realise that his invitation to experts would not be
there if their expertise had not been recognised in the first place!

(I just want to counterbalance what could lead to a potentially wrong
impression about what people think over here in Germany. Unfortunately
the long-standing German love affair with India seems a rather one-way
affair, and the attention which the news media have given [following the
everlasting Hollywood tradition of the Evil German] to this one
politician and his stupid slogan is not helpful.)

Am 19 Oct schrieb Swaminathan Madhuresan:
>  Indians have done it in USA and Silicon Valley, and Germany
>  should not be different, I hope.

Of course not exactly the same; but why not... better? :-) After all,
this is the land of technology. Even American singer Janis Joplin asked
God to give her a Mercedes-Benz because her friends had Porsches...


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Institut für Indologie und Iranistik, Universität München

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