"Science" in India

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 20 19:22:48 UTC 2000

>From: Kumar <kumar at OSWEGO.EDU>

>to desecrate a whole
>generation of Indian scientists and engineers.

Good post Alok, though I don't see so much offence in Steve's post, and by
the way there is nothing wrong in reporting a serious problem, but there
were worse posts from senior persons of Indian origin.

Assuming 30,000 Indian graduates come to US every year (out of total 100,000
visas, rest filled from other countries like China, Philippines, Ireland

If it costs $100,000 for US to produce one graduate then for 30,000 students
the imported manpower is worth $3 billion. But do they have colleges for
additional 30,000 students? To build the colleges and parking lots they need
another $100 billion.

That was only for 30,000 students. For 100,000 students they need $300

Oooops I forgot they raised the visa limit to 170,000 this year didn't they?
This is on top of all those offshore satellite-network projects going on
since 1994, and on top of branches opened in India by IBM, Lucent, Motorola

But hey come on, if 1000 shakhas of vedas can be written in mere 500 years
between 1500BC to 1000BC, what is big deal?

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