Anand M. Sharan asharan at ENGR.MUN.CA
Thu Oct 19 16:06:18 UTC 2000

Steve Farmer wrote:
"I know many of them. The question in this forum is whether being
a engineer qualifies you to speak on Indological issues,
especially when you come from a system that mistakes narrow
technological training for a broader education. This is a problem
in US schools as well, but at a lesser level. It is much less of
a problem in most European school systems."

There have been many experts on Indology who have been proven wrong,
especially on the Aryan Invasion Theory or The Asian Migration Theory when
the statements were not backed up by evidences .

There are many think that they know about India by reading books which do
not contain facts .

First thing is to know India first hand otherwise forming opinions based on
incomplete survey does not lead any one any where . For example, if one
reads literature sold at the check out counters of the grocery stores in
U.S.A., the opinion so formed would be totally false .

So, the best thing is not to make generalized statements about any
profession . I understand your frustrations.


Anand M. Sharan

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