Text-critique of Hitopadesa

Jonathan Silk jonathan.silk at YALE.EDU
Wed Oct 18 15:27:07 UTC 2000

I apologize for asking here a question that is not about politics,
and contains not personal attacks!

Is there any work on the textual history of the Hitopadesa since the
1897 dissertation of Hertel? I do not refer to studies such as that
of Sternbach on the parallels, but on the actual manuscripts,
recensions, text lineages of the Sanskrit Hitopadesa.  (My particular
interest is the episode of Sunda and Upasunda not found in most
editions such as those of Schelgel and Lassen, Peterson, etc, but
extant in e.g. Kale. Johnson says that this episode seems
stylistically different from the rest of the text, but does not
expand his critique.)

Any advice most welcome!!

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