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> Do Tamil Muslims consider themselves to be separate from the mainstream,
> is any such separateness gaining ground because of the spread of the BJP ?
> I have the following raw data to add (taken from "The Muslim Situation in
> India", edited by Iqbal Ansari, 1987.
> 1. Supposedly the earliest Madrasa in Tamil Nadu is Madrasa Baqiathus
> Salihath, Vellore, founded 1884.
> 2. A number of colleges have been set up, the olded being Islamiah
> Vaniyambadi, 1921; the newest at the time of the essay was Muslim Arts
> College, 1984.
> 3. The Organization of Muslim Educational Institutions, Associations and
> Trusts of Tamil Nadu (OMEIAT) was founded in 1973.
> 4. The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has classied Muslims as a backward class (I
> have the date, but it precedes 1987, obviously).
> The question is : are such institutions symbols of a separate ethnicity or
> not ? If they are, what does any of it have to do with the BJP ?

Let us not get diverted into ethnicity of Muslims of Tamilnadu. I just gave
the illustration of Muslims in Srilanka to show why a single language is no
criterion of a single ethnicity

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