reminder: S.A. electronic research workshop

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Thu Oct 12 12:42:09 UTC 2000


You can finally get a handle on effective strategies for conducting South
Asia research using electronic information resources, by attending the
special workshop session listed below, to be held at the Madison

225 Pyle

Come and learn how to reap the best of the South Asia content from
both commercial database resources and internet "freebies" of research
value. Learn advanced searching techniques and essential web starting
points for your permanent online research toolkit. Conducted by
Dr. David Magier, the presentation is intended for South Asia
researchers and students at all levels. Apart from his work on SARAI
and the Digital South Asia Library and his South Asia library work at Columbia,
Dr. Magier has been an internet user for 22 years (!) and has been providing
internet training for libraries and educational institutions,
government agencies, NGOs, IGOs and the private sector all over the
world for the last 10 years.


 ***  Navigating between the oases of the Internet: SARAI and beyond  ***

During the upcoming South Asia Conference at Madison, the Committee on
South Asia Libraries & Documentation (CONSALD) will be presenting a
workshop to assist South Asia studies scholars and students to better
maximize use of the valuable resources that can be found on-line.  This
session will include a brief introduction to information gateways, search
engines and searching the Web, offer suggestions for evaluating quality of
Internet information, and highlight some of the resources for South Asia
studies teaching, learning and research.  It will be led by Dr. David
Magier, South Asia Librarian at Columbia University, who maintains South
Asia Resource Access on the Internet (SARAI).

All conference attendees are welcome.

(6-7:30pm Saturday, 14 October 2000, in 225 Pyle Hall, UW-Madison)

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