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--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >I think, it is long shot to claim that the arrival of ShankarAchArya or
> >Ramanuja catalyzed the re-conversion back to Hinduism.
> >It is more due to NayanmAr (especially Sambanthar, Appar and
> >Manickavasagar) and AlwAr (especially three muthal Alwars).
> >This re-conversion was at the end of KaLappirar rule and the start of
> >Pallava rule. History is more clear on that.
> I wouldn't be too sure about that. For this assumes that the whole of
> India or say southern India was conversant with Tamil. Though I wouldn't
> contest this in case of TN and Kerala, but upwards North, I'm sceptical.

 The decline of Buddhism and Jainism is largely due to the
 "emotional" Bhakti movement of Shaivism/Vaishnavism.
 In Karnataka and Andhra regions, Veerashaivism poets/saints
 repeatedly cite the earlier saints further south, and
 use their stories in their wars against heretics.

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