Semitic origin of Hindu Vijayadashamee

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Fri Oct 6 13:02:42 UTC 2000

It was brought to my attention recently that Jewish Yom Kippur and Hindu
Vijayadashamee(Dasara)arrive almost on the same day while in another year
they appear separated by one month due to different methods of adding extra
month in their luni-solar calendar for adjustment.When the Prophet(pbuh)of
Islam left Makka and reached Madina, Jews were celebrating Yom Kippur and
Arabs Ashura. Prophet recommended fast due to the importance of the
day.This was before the change of Arabian calendar to full lunar
calendar.Iran and Afghanistan celebrate their pre-islamic new year day of
Vernal Equinox (21st March of full Solar calendar)which is also the new
year of Zoroastrians.In some regions of the South India the new year starts
around 14th April.The conclusion of my friend and the Jewish scholar is
that in the remote past Hindus borrowed the luni-solar calendar from
Semitic people. To the best of knowledge, this is the year 5761 according
to Jewish calendar and year 5102 according to Kaliyuga calendar of
Hindus.Any information different from this? N.R.Joshi.

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