Hinduism: once was: RAJARAM EPISODE

Ramadas dasa at ONE.NET.AU
Fri Oct 6 00:28:28 UTC 2000

> >religious sense.  If so, I rest my case:  Buddhists are not Hindus,
> >although there is naturally some common ground.  BTW do Keralan
> >Christians consider themselves Hindus in any sense of the word ?
> Take a look at the matrimonial ads in Indian newspapers, where all sorts
> things are possible, including a category of "Brahmin Christians".

There is one town in Karnataka which has two Christian churches -- one for
the Brahmins and one for the rest. It is interesting to note that many/most
Christian churches use all the paraphernalia of Hindu ritual in their
services. Without it they would struggle to keep members.

In many/most places where Christian sects are trying to make headway the
membership is obtained by bribery/extortion by means of healthcare,
education and so on. These services are supplied by money obtained from
foreign countries. Without these inducements there would be very few
converts. Many so-called Christians will tell you in private that they are
Christian only because of the material benefits they obtain. If it were not
for the foreign capital which supports Christianity in India, conversion
would taper away to the almost nil level.

Where once conversion was by force/violence, in the modern age it is by
financial pressure.

btw, the above is not an "I hate Christians" attitude on my part, but by
observation and inquiry.

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