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Brian Akers [SMTP:Sfauthor at AOL.COM] skrev 5. oktober 2000 19:28:
> This is why, in Anthropology, there are thousands of village studies,
> thousands of working class neighborhood studies, but very few studies of
> wealthy--they have the wherewithal to avoid being studied.

Or, to put it differently, their would-be investigators don't have the
wherewithal to blend in among them. In other words, how will you get the
average university to come up with such field equipment as a few
thousand-dollar suits (or haute-couture for the ladies), a Rolex, not to
mention a Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari, all necessary to mingle effortlessly
with the rich and participate in their lives on reasonably equal terms. The
rich have little patience with the pennyless, I believe.

(If you find a way, please let me know!)

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