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Thu Oct 5 19:37:51 UTC 2000

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 13:58:04 GMT, N. Ganesan <naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM>

>SH>but I believe it is not at all
>SH>clear whether the inhabitants of the Shakyan polity including
>SH>Gautama himself (and of the nearby V.rjian confederacy) were of
>SH>Indo-Aryan origin -- given the proximity of those states to regions
>SH>still inhabited by many people of Tibeto-Burman or Austro-Asiatic
>Dravidian cannot be excluded from Buddha's ethnicity analysis either.
>Like Krishna, he married his cross-cousin, a practice
>much prevalent in the south so much so it gets the name
>Dravidian kinship. (Cf. T. Trautmann's works).
>Perhaps just after few centuries of bilingualism,
>kinship remains, but langauge is IA.

Culturally Indo-Aryan Sinhalese of Sri Lanka and Divehis of Maldives (Ref.
Clarence Maloney, Where Did the Maldives People Come From?)  indulged in
cross - cousin marriages till recently, we are talking about more than few
generations here :-) But cross cousin marriages are not limited to
Dravidian speakers alone in India but also Austro -Asiatics.


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