Grant Announcement

Thu Oct 5 13:37:36 UTC 2000

Dear Indology list members,

On behalf of the Infinity Foundation I'd like to bring to your attention
the following Call for Grant Proposals.  If you are interested please
follow the URL below and follow the information there provided; please
do not post questions to this list.

David Gray

The Infinity Foundation
53 White Oak Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-683-8161 Fax: 609-252-0480

Call For Grant Proposals

The Infinity Foundation, a non-profit, charitable foundation, is calling
for project proposals to do research and/or develop educational
materials, in order to improve the authenticity of portrayal of Indic
traditions in the educational system. These projects can either
contribute to the growing body of knowledge concerning India’s
contributions to world civilization, or critique the ways in which Indic
traditions are currently portrayed in educational curricula.

All interested parties will be required to submit a C.V. and project
proposal.  For more information concerning the proposal submission
process and the Infinity Foundation, see its web site at:

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