parallels to a key word in a Sunda/Upasunda story

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In the traidional south indian society, there used be an office of
"Madhyasthan", which as the name implies middle man or arbitrator. I
remember seeing this word appear in a Tamil inscription quoted in Burton
Stein book "Peasant State and Society in Medievel South India"

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Subject: parallels to a key word in a Sunda/Upasunda story

> In Hitopadeza 4.8 (or 9, depending on the version), in the story of
> Sunda and Upasunda they fight over a woman (here ParvatI), and decide
> to appeal to an arbiter (pramANapuruSa), who here is in fact Ziva.
> Are there parallels to this account in which a similar word for a
> judge or arbiter appears (or even the same word--it is this word I am
> in fact interested in)? (In MBh I.201-204 there is no judge--they
> just fight and kill each other, as of course ultimately they do in
> Hitopadeza too).
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