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Wed Oct 4 15:59:04 UTC 2000

>Re tozunai for Yamuna, please refer Hardy in Viraha
>This name can perhaps be connected with Tamil tozu
>'cow-pen' and be compared with Sanskrit vraja- of a
>similar meaning. (p. 119, fn 3)

Yes. tozu and toRu both mean 'cattle shed'.
Once George Hart pointed to the same word from
Bronze age Minoan Crete to South India
the same: "taurus" and tamil "toRu/tozu".
Perhaps Fr. Heras in Proto-mediterranean culture, v.1.
Today, I saw Ven. Tantra mentioning
"an immense Aegeo-Afrasiatic territory".

It is agreed by scholars Krishna fighting
the seven bulls comes from Tamil.
Erik Af Edholm and C. Suneson, The seven bulls and
Krsna's marriage to Nila/Nappinnai in Sanskrit and Tamil literature,
Temenos, v.8, p.29-53, 1972.

Ulrike Niklas is publishing a tamil oral epic
on bull fighting and F. Gros has done a translation
of vATivAcal, a fine novel by C. S. Chellappa.
maJciviraTTu, jallikkaTTu ..

N. Ganesan

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