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nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 3 06:13:25 UTC 2000

>Just because a book says something does not make it
>true. You may even find books arguing for a flat-earth
>or alien-abduction.

>   Suggesting that a book praised at an avowed
>anti-Hindu site is exhaustive and more believable
>without any strong evidence
>may be indicative of an anti-Hindu world-view.

I think the best way to discourage such posts is to ignore them. BTW, what's
Samar's interest in www.dalistan.org - indeed he seems to be the site's lone
and vocal supporter! Is the site being funded by the ISI or say the National
Minorities Commision?

Considering the Dalits current problems in the country, it is strange that
they're not harnessing all their energies against the BCs and OBCs (like the
Goundar-Thevar-Vanniar nexus in TN) who're their main rivals in the
reservation categories. Why all this invective against "Brahminism", which
no more poses any threat to them?

All this seems to follow a pattern - a political one at that. Why would the
Muslims raise such a hue and cry about Hindus taking over an unused mosque
at Ayodhya? Why are the Dalits fighting against Brahmins who're no more
their detractors? Why is the RSS which has an undeniable history of social
service labelled as facist, while outspokenly facist and racist
organizations like the DK are glorified as "reform organizations"? Or why
has the spectre of Hindu "fundamentalism" suddenly propped in the last few
years in the Indian media, while clear cases of fundamentalism by
"minorities" is ignored?

Is there a group for its own political and social ends, which tries to pit
groups against one another, maligns the names of groups opposed to its
ideology by distorting facts and spreading misinformation? In this there
seems to be only one target - traditional Hinduism.
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