Rajaram episode

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> Thiru. Vijayaraghavan ezuti_nAr(wrote):
> >Mr.Ganesan quotes from Robb to "prove" BJP, RSS and it's "parivar" are
> >fascist.....
> I don't want to "prove" today's BJP etc., are fascist. Just pointed to
> Jaffrelot's work where *he* discusses the historic connections between
> fascists and early RSS leaders.

Why should anybody quote anything approvingly unless they want to prove
something, especially considering your next statement that your interests
are languages and not politics?

About historical "connections" with  fascists, you may forget about the
wholesale colloboration of Indologists with nazis. Just few months back, i
saw a BBC documentary (I think it was about the pull of Atlantis on Nazis)
wherein Indologists addressed Nazi party to substantiate nazi theories.
Indology at different times had placed itself at the disposal of
colonialism, racism, fascism , German nationalism and other unsavoury

Compared to that RSS leaders, with it's very limited knowledge of fascists
(or for that matter anything outside India) and it's main motive of
anti-British feelings can be excused for writing few lines approving Nazis
in 1938

My interests are more towards
> the relations between the twon classical heritages - Tamil and Sanskrit.
> >
> Regards,
> N. Ganesan

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