Rajaram Episode

Arun Gupta suvidya at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Oct 2 17:20:46 UTC 2000

To me, the arguments about the political aspects of Rajaram's writings are
unconvincing.  But they are also irrelevant.

Of limited interest to you perhaps, but I completed my own test. Bookstore
Tiedekirja (tiedekirja at tsv.fi) still sells "Corpus of Indus Seals and
Inscriptions".   I ordered the two volumes, received them in three weeks,
and was able to locate Rajaram's "horse-seal" for myself; and I then
confirmed by the catalog number given by Witzel and Farmer.  The broken edge
of the seal is clearly visible there, and the fact that it is not a horse.

I conclude that Rajaram, with more resources and more friends in academe
than I, could have easily checked this most important point for himself.


I also suspect that the Romila Thapar Frontline article is going to be the
first time the people who read it have been told by someone from the Indian
History-writing Establishment that there was no Aryan invasion (as in wars
and fighting) but an incursion of Aryan language/culture. In this too,
Witzel and Farmer have rendered us all a service.

-arun gupta

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