Rajaram Episode

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Mon Oct 2 05:25:34 UTC 2000

>Hope the Frontline article reaches many Indians,
>and not blocked by the powerful.

Regarding Frontline - the magazine is so leftist that a couple of
issues back they even went to the extent of supporting China's
occupation of Tibet! The articles were written by Frontline's
head honcho - N.Ram and his other leftist pal - Subramaniam Swamy.

The world is unanimous in its condemnation of the Chinese in trying
to alter the demography of Tibet and to erase its indegenous Buddhist
culture. The Dalai Lama, a Nobel laureate, has spent almost his entire
life fighting for the cause of his people and country and has the
entire democratic world backing him in his struggle.

But according to Frontline : Tibetean culture is primitive and the
Dalai Lama is nothing but a devious and vindictive troublemaker. And
it is the Chinese occupation which has brought in the benefits of
modern life into the country and helped Tibet move out of its

This is Frontline for you! So small wonder that this magazine grabbed
with both hands the opportunity to present the case of "Rajaram's

Its sister publication - the Hindu - in an editorial a few weeks back
claimed that Sanskrit has been a dead language for more than 2500 years! And
why so? Because the Buddha didn't use Sanskrit, but Pali to communicate his
teachings! That's the level of scholarship of the leftists!

It is also surprising that M Witzel who had earlier criticized none other
than Romila Thapar herself for using Indian literary sources uncritically in
her books, is now seeking her endorsement of his "investigative" work. So
has the scholarship of Ms Thapar suddenly risen in the eyes of M Witzel or
is the recent bonhomie is a marraige of convenience?

Integrity??? Honesty??? Does they still exist???
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