Lakshmi Srinivas lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 1 13:25:12 UTC 2000

  Robert Zydenbos <zydenbos at GMX.LI> wrote:

Perhaps that overwhelming Hindu majority could consider returning all the
Jaina and Buddhist structures to their erstwhile owners first, before raving
about what the Muslims later did to brahminical structures? Why such a
partisan attitude? (Sorry if the desire for 'truth and integrity' in some of us,
which you expressly say not to believe in, asks such questions.)

btw, why do Dutch people complain so much about the German occupation during WWII when they themselves displaced/colonized/acculturated/killed off the Celts? Maybe the Dutch should consider handing over their entire country, incl Leyden :-), to the Irish who at least speak a Celtic language?

Sorry if my desire for truth and integrity asks such questions.

Thanks and Warm Regards,


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