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Wed May 31 07:47:07 UTC 2000

Dear Members,
I am working on popular Bengali literature in the 19th century, chap books
and what could be called pulp fiction or penny literature.
One of the grounds on which the British officials and some western educated
Bengalis censored popular fictions was that they were erotic because of
their description of the female body and their account of love.
My query is what was the notion of 'erotic' in traditional Sanskrit
literature. What were the permissible limits? Has any research been done on
this recently? I have read some of Sushil De's works.
Second, has any recent research been done on humor in Sanskrit literature,
humor that has the freedom to bring liminal elements to the forefront and
thereby subvert given structures. I am looking for some kind of a lineage to
the all the satires and spoofs that were produced in large numbers. Once
again, 'hasya ras' must have had some rules of applicability.
Tapti Roy
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