Henrique Henripues (1520-1600)

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Attraverso il catalogo on-line della biblioteca della
pontificia universita urbaniana ho trovato il seguente
volume (o articolo) che ti potrebbe interessare.


 Castets, John <S.I.>
 Fr. Enrique Enriquez, "the second column of Xavier's
Indian mission" / by J. Castets. -- Trichinopoly :
Indian Catholic Truth Society, 1926.
   47 p. ; 19 cm.
   Enriquez, Enrique <S.I., 1520-1600>
   Missioni - India

SYSNO 0026989



P.s. la biblioteca effettua fotocopie e spedizioni a

--- Francesco Paolo Villani <franz_ku at CHEERFUL.COM> ha
scritto: > I'm a student of Sanskrit and Tamil at the
> University of Pisa; I'm studying
> the works of Henrique Henriques, a well-known
> jesuit, scholar of tamil.
> Unfortunally it has not been easy to find books,
> articles and works
> (manuscripts and printed books) on him and of his;
> could someone give me
> further information?
> I thank everybody in anycase
> Francesco Paolo Villani

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