Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

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Dear friends,
Dr. Palaiappa answered to my letter some days ago and put a few more
questions. A seminar was held in Bangalore in 1986 to celebrate the birth
centenary of renowned scolar of the yore Sakaleshapura Shrikantahayya. The
topic of the seminar was EARLY VIJAYANAGARA, studies in its history and
culture. This subject was very dear to the veteran scholar Srikanthayya. So
this topic was chosen for the seminar.The papers were piublished in 1988 by
the B.M.S. Memorial Foundation; Bangalore under the general editorship of my
professor Dr. G. S. Dikshit.
Now coming to his next question about the vassals and relatives of Hoysala
coming to serve the new rulers of Karnataka from their capital city
Vijayanagar: On this subject I have published an article in the Journal
ITIHAS; in late 70s. Then I have developped it more in my latest book
"Vijayanagar" published by NBT; Delhi in 1999. I have never changed my
During the rule of Harihara and Bukka there were two ministers named
Madhava. Luckily their Gotrra and SUtras are mentioned in their works as
well as in their inscriptions which makes our work little easier. Now the
publication of Puraanasaara confirms that Madhava, the brother of Sayana
first became the minister to Harihara I and then to Bukka I for a while
before renouncing the GRahasthaashrama.
Unfortunately I do not have Dr. Kulke's article here with me. So I cannot
say either yes or no to his views. But one thing I confirm here that the
KaDitas in the MaTha are to be read carefully and the contents mentioned in
them have to be accepted cautiously.
Dr. A.K. Shastry has worked on Shringeri PItha and KaDitas there. His works
are ; A History of Sringeri published by Prasaranga, Karnataka University,
Dharwar, 1982. The same is published in Kannada by the Math itself.
But I do not think we will succeed in finding some written doccuments
relating to the history of the Math before 1346. In early seventies I tried
my best to find something while I was working for my doctoral thisis on the
"Beginnings of Vijayanagar upto 1377". But I did not get any charts either
on copper plates or on stones. In case anybody finds something I shall be
very thankful to the person for the kind information.
Thanks for your thought provoking questions.
Sincerely yours
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Subject: Re: Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

>Many thanks to Dr. Filliozat for the updates. But I would appreciate some
>more details.
>In a message dated 5/22/2000 3:01:21 AM Central Daylight Time,
>pfilliozat at MAGIC.FR writes:
>>  In 1986 a seminar was held in Bangalore on the topic of Early
>>  studies and the papers were published in 1988. Some valuable articles
>>  appeared in this volume amongst which "Identity of Madhava Vidyaranya by
>>  Krishnamurthy annd Vidyaranya's Association with the Vijayanagara Empire
>>  Venimadhava Shastri". In these articles both the authors have proved the
>>  identity of Madhava &Vidyaranya with scholarly arguments and references.
>Can you give the title of this volume?
>>  In the making of modern Karnataka empire brothers Sayana and Madhava
>>  a vital role under the guidance of their Guru Vidyatirthamuni who was
>>  on the pontifical seat of Sharadapitha at Shringeri.
>The crucial question in this thread is the history of Sringeri maTha. Has
>new information come to light regarding this? Have you or other scholars
>authenticated and analyzed the pre-Karnataka/Vijayanagara records mentioned
>by Vidyasankar?   Whom do you agree with on the pre-Karnataka history of
>Sringeri, Kulke or Vidyasankar?
>> All the relatives and
>>  the vassals of defunct Hoysala kings gave their full support to the new
>>  rulers in their efforts of consolidation of one empire. Madhava occupied
>>  seat of the minister and the adviser to Harihara I is proved from his
>>  "Puranasaara" which is being published by the ORI in Mysore.
>Based on Kulke's work (p.129)  you seem to be reversing your views of 1985.
>Can you briefly tell us the basis of your change of view? Does this mean
>Harihara I had two ministers named Madhava? or as some others have held
>Madhavamantrin and Madhava-Vidyaranya were one and the same?
>> Only a "kadita" in Shringeri matha mentions the fact the Bukka
>>  requested the Guru to send a letter to Vidyaranya to return from Kashi
>>  it is  not substantiated by the inscriptions.
>Then, are you in agreement with Kulke that the "kaDita" records held by
>Sringeri maTha are not reliable?
>Thanks in advance.
>S. Palaniappan

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