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>The identification of  Jayanta (sometimes in the form of a crow) as
>a (or the) son of Indra occurs in a number of textual and oral
>sources. He is associated in some traditions with the origins of the
>Kumbha Mela and is said, in some puranic sources, to fight on the
>side of the devas in their battles with the asuras.

For some of these references see our ( Goldman and Sutherland
Goldman) note to Valmiki Ramayana 5. 36.24 in: The Ramayana of
Valmiki:  An Epic of Ancient India, Vol. V:  Sundarakanda..
Princeton.  Princeton University Press, 1996 p. 456.

>Haussig (Götter und Mythen des indischen Subkontinents, Stuttgart:
>Klett-Cotta 1984, p.114) gives under the entry indrANI: "wife of Indra, also
>ZacI. *Mother of Rudra Jayanta*." Haussig then refers to MahAbhArata I 114
>and BhAgavatapurANa VI 18.
>The question, if the son of the wife is also her husbands son, is not
>Himal Trikha

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