Akbar (Re: Kabir For Hindu Temple Library?)

Rustam Masalewala masalewala at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 22 21:23:38 UTC 2000

Samar wrote:

>>2. What was the essence of Kabir's message ? Did >>Emperor Akbar take his
>>ideas for combining religions he found in India into one from Kabir ?
>>Is there any evidence that Akbar was influenced by >>Kabir ?
>Both followed Sufism.

Akbar had secretly converted to Zoroastrianism. He was
familiar with the Shahenama, the story of ancient Iran.
He was so influenced with Dasturji Meherji Rana, he requested Dastujee to
initate him. Dasturji, knowing that his ancestors belonged to the faith,
agreed. Knowing that the ancient religion is not suitable for the masses in
modern times, Akbar created a din based on Zoroastrianism.

Incidentally Sufis origianted as a result of Zoroastrian influence.



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