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Steve Farmer [SMTP:saf at SAFARMER.COM] skrev 21. mai 2000 02:36:
> I'd like to add a correction to Shailendra Raj Mehta's interesting
> recent post: George Thompson clearly wasn't claiming that mnemonic
> devices weren't used in Vedic traditions. All that he said was that he
> knew of no elaborate mnemonics in India based on the construction of
> complex visual associations, like those found in Western 'memory
> palaces.' Thompson obviously is well acquainted with Vedic mnemonics,
> which are based on modifications of sounds and rhythms in canonical
> texts and not on associations (as in the West) between sounds and
> visual images.

Thanks for an interesting discussion so far! I have a couple of questions.
A few years ago a saw a TV program (I believe) dealing with a tribe of
hunters in Siberia. The Shaman of the tribe would every year during a
sequence of ceremonies that lasted a week or so recite an epic of some
40,000 verses, presumably between 200.000 and 300.000 words. The program
 did not specify exactly how this was done, but I would like to know:

What are the longest texts known to have been memorized verbatim?
(Not retelling in the usual oral poetry way, but repeating word for word)

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