Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

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Sun May 21 13:39:15 UTC 2000

>Certainly, disciple lineages can begin to exist without hermitages, but
>whether any such lineage continues for seven centuries without setting down
>roots at some spot or the other is a big question.

I guess the assumption here is Sankara's date around 700 CE.
The "standard" academic opinion is more like early 9th century.
Kunjunni Raja (ALB, 1963) takes the 9th c. date assuming an
earlier era for Vacaspati Misra. Subsequent researches collating
scores of manuscripts by S. A. Srinivasan, ... pushes Vacaspati to
late 10th century. See Dr. B. Kellner's posting in Indology referring
to works by Slaje., The ency. of Indian philosophy volumes also
mention late 10th century date for Vacaspati. Using the late
10th century date of Vacaspati, and K. Raja's article
Sankara's date looks more like 10th century, is it not?

V. Iyer
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