Kabir For Hindu Temple Library?

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May 19, 2000

TO: Indology Scholars & Friends

1. Should life and work of the mystic poet Kabir belong in our Hindu
Temple Library ? "Yes" or "No" with reasons please.

2. What was the essence of Kabir's message ? Did Emperor Akbar take his
ideas for combining religions he found in India into one from Kabir ?
Is there any evidence that Akbar was influenced by Kabir ?

3. Can anyone refer me to the English translation that Rabindra Nath
Tagore made of select verses of Kabir ? Does anyone have a copy of this
book ?

4. Everone in India seem to know the name Kabir but very little details
about this man. Why is he still remembered so widely even without much
details ? Do the Muslims consider him one of their own or is he considered
to be a "Hindu" by the Muslims of India despite his Muslim origins ?

5. I understand that he lived at a time just before Mogul Dynasty founder,
Babur, who stormed into India from Central Asia around 1200 AD ?. And yet
people in India still remember Kabir as if he lived only a few years ago !
Why ?

Finally, I want extend a special thank you for the wonderful advice and
referals I have been given for our Northern Virginia Library, phase I.

We are now in the process of activating a small group of "scholars and
elders" to review and get our library started soon.

Thank you very much.

Avi Dey
Coordinator Hindu Temple Library
Northern Virginia, USA.

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