Source for Indian folk tale about girl passed off as boy

Robert Goldman sseas at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
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>I don't recognize it right off from any specific folk tradition. On
>the other hand it does bear a striking resemblance to the well known
>story of the princess AmbA (aka ZikhaNDin) in the MahAbhArata which,
>in some version or other, might well have inspired the tale to which
>you refer.

>A patron has asked about the source of "a folk-tale from India where
>in a marriage alliance, a girl was passed off as a boy and she was
>saved by a tiger at the moment where it was about to be discovered
>that she was a girl. Eventually her sex was changed into a boy and the
>tale ends well."  I am referring her to Stith Thompson's Motif index
>of folk literature, Oral tales of India, and Types of Indic folk
>tales.  But does anyone recognize this right off?
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