Studies of Vedic mnemonics

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 18 11:28:09 UTC 2000

Are the memorization, mnemonics etc., observed in India
for millennia stem at least partly from the Indus heritage?
After all, there are only about ~350 unique signs which
look like pictures, and these cryptic logograms do not seem
to represent all the words in their language. Also, inscriptions
are short average being 5 signs only. The Indus folks appear to be
an oral society but for their seals even though they had  their
extensive contacts in the Near East which was writing on clay a lot.

Was the Indus bronze age society an oral one practising
atleast some of the mnemonics observed in later India?,
and after the acculturation of the Indus people with the incoming
Aryans developed the means of reciting?

V. Iyer
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