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Chris Beetle bvi at AFN.ORG
Wed May 17 15:42:08 UTC 2000

At 05:58 PM 5/9/00 -0700, Luis Gonzalez-Reimann wrote:
>Concerning Steve Brown's question:
>>>i am curious about the methodology of finding a guru in classical
>>>hinduism...How does one look?  when does one know he/she has found their
>And Chris Beetle's response:
>>The following is one verse from Padma Purana:
>>sat-karma-nipuno vipro, mantra-tantra visaradah,
>>avaisnava guru na syad, vaisnavah sva paco guruh
>>A brahmana (priest or intellectual) with all brahminical qualities and
>>abilities is not qualified to be a guru unless he is a devotee of Lord
>>Vishnu (the Supreme Lord).  While a devotee of Lord Vishnu, even if born in
>>the lowest class, is qualified to act as guru.
>This verse, of course, is not about how to find a Hindu spiritual guru in
>general.  It is, rather, a sectarain VaiSNava statement.  The Padma Purana
>is a VaiSNava Purana, and a very sectarian one at that: it fiercely
>condemns non VaiSNava Hindus of several traditions.
>It all depends on what Steve Brown is looking for, a guru within a specific
>sectarian branch of Hinduism, or a more open spiritual teacher that accepts
>different branches of Hinduism.

Are there verses in Puranas and/or related texts advocating gurus who do not
fall 'within a specific sectarian branch of Hinduism' or which fall into a
'a specific sectarian branch of Hinduism' other than VaiSNavism, and if so,
what are they?

Best wishes,

Chris Beetle

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