Studies of Vedic mnemonics

Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Tue May 16 19:47:47 UTC 2000

I'm writing a review of an Italian book on mnemonic techniques in premodern
societies. The volume focuses mnemonics in European and American Indian
civilizations, but, rather surprisingly, doesn't mention mnemonics in India
or China. Does anyone know of any *dedicated* studies of Vedic mnemonics in
any scholarly European language (German, Eng., Fr., Italian, Dutch, etc.),
that I can point readers to in the review? I know many studies, like Frits
Staal's, that discuss the topic in passing, but none that deal with it in a
dedicated fashion, unlike the dozens of books on premodern Europe. The
cross-cultural sides of the question are interesting, since ancient and
medieval mnemonics in the West were built around visual methods (e.g., the
construction of 'memory palaces' and the like) and not around the oral
transformations of texts, as in India.

Thanks in advance.

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