Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

Shrisha Rao shrao at NYX.NET
Mon May 15 22:36:47 UTC 2000

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Prasad Velusamy wrote:

> >>Sringeri is close to HaLebiD, the Hoysala capital,
> >>isn't it?
> VidyaSankar Sundaresan:
> >No.
> Distance, in terms of miles/km, from Sringeri to Belur, Halebid
> is much less than to Hampi. No Hindu monk would put
> their ashram in the destroyed political capital.

?? Am I missing something here?

Hampi was sacked (upon the fall of the Vijayanagara kingdom under
Ramaraya) in 1565 CE, which would be almost 200 years after Vidyaranya,
who would have needed to be some sort of soothsayer to know not to put his
institution there!


Shrisha Rao

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