Madhava, Vidyaranya, Sringeri, and Kulke

Mon May 15 12:27:41 UTC 2000

I believe there is a running cotroversy between the Sringeri and the
Kanchi maths in that that the Sringeri math does not "rfcognise"the Kanchi
math.If both the were indeed established by Adi Sankara there should not
have been this attitude between these two maths.Probably both the maths
came into existence laterand being aware of the same leasing to the
one-up-man-ship.How about examining the genealogical records maintained by
these maths?The acharya who passed away in 1994 is claimed to be the 68th
mathadhipati.It is also probable that if the sankaracharyas could trace
their lineage to Adi sankara the maths they head also should have similar

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