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May 13, 2000

RE:  Our Hindu "Self Knowledge" Library ATT: Indology Scholars & Friends

I have been given the task of coming up with a recommended list of books
and respective description for initiating a lending library for our Hindu
Temple visitors located in Northern Virginia, USA. Visitors and
worshippers at this Temple are primarily are of Hindu faith who have
migrated to USA, mostly from India, Bangla Desh, Nepal, West Indies, etc.
Most are professionals and business persons or first generation children
of such immigrants.

I seek any recommendation and advice from those of you who are well
wishers of this initiative, knowledgeable of such books as we seek .

We have established two goals for the library, and have also established
some criterions for identifying approximately 50 or so books in phase I
and possibly also some CDs and Videos for the "core"  holding of our
library. which will be housed in the Temple itself initially at least.

1. PURPOSE OF HINDU TEMPLE LIBRARY : There are two purposes have been

First, seeking of self-knowledge among ourselves who are members and
visitors of the Hindu Temple, especially our children, and our elders,
through the library material and through small group discussions among
ourselves, and with experts and scholars from time to time, and use of our
temple's internet facilities.

Second, in the spirit of "inter-cultural" harmony, these books might serve
as educational material for some our neighbors and friends of other faiths
who seek to know more about cultural and spiritual roots of Hinduism.

We intend to pursue these two goals with a firm commitment to a
non-proselytizing environment , and in a spirit of "inter-cultural"

Matter of fact, we never seek any of our neighbors and friends who are of
other faiths, ever to give up their own.  But we encourage self-knowledge
of their own inherited faith and learn about Hinduism, and historic,
philosophical and spiritual matters in a spirit of inter-cultural harmony
peace, and tolerance among neighbors and friends.

2. SELECTION OF OUR BOOKS :  We seek books that give scholarly but
readable interpretations of Hindu "classics"  such as the Gita, Upanishad,
Ramayana and Mahabharata, etc.

We also seek well written biographical works of holi persons, and scholars
associated with the Hindu faith.

We also seek notable modern works such as scholarly discussions of
Gitanjali by Rabindra Nath Tagore, India Nobel Laureate for literature.

Other topics relating to spirituality, culture and history such as music
and other aspects of Hindu culture are appreciated.

Some books specially oriented for young readers are most welcome.

Lastly, if any of you live near Northern Virginia, we appreciate a
personal contact with you if possible.

Thanks and appreciate hearing from you.

Avi Dey
Hindu Temple Library
Northern Virginia

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