Impact of mantra... pastoral hip hop

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at KABELFOON.NL
Fri May 12 19:31:59 UTC 2000

basic semiology: the relation between signifier and signified is arbitrary
BTW there seems to be no limit of what people are willing to believe (my version of a
proof angainst the existence of a god: no intelligent being could ever have had even the
idea of creating such a bunch of fools)

Rajarshi Banerjee wrote:

> > Since "mantra recital's impact on the subject's health" is only one facet
> of
> the more general question, "Can human suggestion effect unrelated external
> events?",
> How about unrelated external events affecting human thought. Sometime back I
> read about so called morphogenetic fields.
> An experiment was conducted where non english speakers were asked to
> memorize many easy poems identical in terms of simplicity. The subjects on
> average memorized mary had a little lamb faster than other equally inane but
> unknown poems.
> And now a message to parents in general. Mosh pit, hood wherever one
> gets more and more attuned to say rap or any other form of music/rythem the
> benifits and enjoyment increase, neural training comes into play you see.
> Speaking from personal experience there is nothing more soothing than
> banging on drums. There should be a study ...
> The vedas could be thought of as some sort of pastoral hip hop, acquiring
> greater subconscious meaning as the tradition matures and listeners ascribe
> more meaning to it.

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