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re: I never doubted that Transcendental Meditation and similar techniques
had a
positive effect on those who practiced it (otherwise, why would they
bother?), but I am curious about exactly what that they help you achieve,
if you like: what the trade-off is for the time spent meditating. If I
spend one hour a day meditating, will it save me, say, two hours of sleep?
Will it improve my productivity, etc? Any time-saving info would be
appreciated! Particularly if it is exact!

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse


People practice Transcendental Meditation for lots of reasons, ranging from
reduced blood pressure, less stress, greater creativity and intelligence,
to more inner happiness and the unfoldment of enlightenment. All of the
reasons have quite a bit of scientific support  (there have been about 600
published studies over the last thirty years).

The basic idea is that during Transcendental Meditation the body rests very
deeply (much deeper than deep sleep according to the physiological
measurements) while the mind spontaneously settles to its quietest state,
which is experienced as unbounded, blissful, wakefulness (Atma).
Physiologically this process allows the  body to release accumulated stress,
and mentally it enables one to  access  more of one's innate potential. As a
result, one tends to find greater clarity of mind, more intelligence
(studies have found that students improve in measures of intelligence,
creativity,  grades go up, ability to concentrate improves, etc.), more
creativity, etc. At the same time the body benefits by having less stress,
resulting in less disease (as measured by fewer insurance claims for
sickness, less hospitalization, etc.) and the reversal of ageing factors.
All of this  takes place completely effortlessly and spontaneously.

In terms of the question of saving time,  it won't replace sleep (the
quality of  rest, though deeper, has  different physiological
characteristics), and  so any savings of time will be accrued be in terms of
improved efficiency (studies have demonstrated repeatedly, and it's
certainly my experience). I've been practising for over 30 years, and I
would say that I have grossly understated the benefits in the above.

I hope this helps,
Bill Sands


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